Bellwether of Wendeng Wisdom manufacturing——Maxpower tools Group Maxpower tools make life better

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  Wendeng MaxpowerTools Group Co. , Ltd. is the world's largest spanner production and management enterprises, the largest production base of hand toolsand the National Manufacturing Single Champion Demonstration Enterprises.Series productsof grouphave nearly 10,000 varieties and specifications, covering military and police, fire rescue, aerospace, rail transport, as well as after-sales maintenance, home maintenance required for various sets, to meet the needs of different areas of use.

  Here is the power tools product experience hall, each of these different looks of wrenches are full of unique skills, with different effects. This wrench can operate in a small space; this wrench can not only twist, but also can grip; this wrench can quickly push and pull, at will adjust the opening volume;this wrench can make the arm longer, which is more labor-saving ; this product is a wrench, Hammer and crowbar in one.These wrenches are patented productsof Maxpower , which can not only create a good benefitto the company , but also can bringgreat convenience and fun to useto people'slife.

  There are many kinds of maintenance tools used in aerospace and rail transit. If they are accidentally left out on the airframe or rail, it will cause great safety risks.The intelligent tool cabinet developed by Maxpower tools group has solved this problem effectively. By implanting a chip into each tool, the automatic management of the tool's entry and exit is realized, and the lost tool can be found by hand-held terminal scanning.

  Relying on the industry's only national-level Enterprise Technology Center, MaxpowerTools can create a patent or new product on average every workday, patented products accounted for more than 30% of the total production. Power Tools products in Asia, Europe, and other countries are very popular, brand recognition is growing.

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